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ANOTHER DAY - Pauken & trompeten – CD

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Another Day stands for emotional Indie Rock since 1999. The Koblenz-based quintet recorded their new album ‘Pauken & Trompeten’ in early 2014 together with Kurt Ebelhäuser (Blackmail, Scumbucket) at Tonstudio 45. With the potential of unique intensity and forwardness, this album is about to combine poetry and catchiness at the same time. Dominated by charming guitar parts, rolling drums and tender vocals in German, ‘Pauken & Trompeten’ is a convincing history of mutual experiences, their broadest and deepest common ground. The band has recorded a video for the single “Frankfurt”. ‘Pauken & Trompeten’ is an album for all that have Tomte and Jimmy Eat World records at home.