You guys are a new and not very known band in Europe, so could you please explain a little who is Shred Bundy and what you do?
Hi thanks for reaching out! My name is Brax and I play guitar in Shred Bundy! We’re a crossover band from Southern California in the US! We take elements of thrash, hardcore, and powerviolence to make a fun high energy sound.

Let’s talk about your new EP “Chaos Cycle”. In the European version a bonus track was added. What’s about?
Live In Fear was a song we wrote during the Chaos Cycle sessions and it was supposed to be on the EP but didn’t make the cut last minute. Maui our singer wrote the lyrics following our usual themes of macabre and horror. 

Being a new band your sound reminds us of older more “classical” bands on the scene. What influences you guys when you are writing songs? What about your lyrics? Any subject that prevail over others? Like a favorite topic to put out there?
Speaking for myself, when it comes to writing for this band I’m influenced by Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, Whiplash, Cryptic Slaughter, Shattered Realm, Angel Crew, Pantera, Confusion and Extreme Noise Terror. The guys are influenced by similar bands ranging from punk, and grind to death metal and black metal. When it comes to lyrics, Maui usually talks about horror, gore or specific occurrences in his life that made a profound impact on him. 

So, you guys came back to play shows, what’s the feeling of being able to play live to an actual audience again? Can you tell a diferente between concerts pre and post the pandemic?
Returning to playing shows has been the best feeling honestly! The pandemic definitely built hype for live shows. I’ve noticed now that people just like going to shows for the hell of it and that’s cool. 

How could you describe your show? Like the feeling, the crowned, highest point when the crowed goes crazy?
Our shows are crazy to say the least. The crowd is a mix of punks, thrashers, and fans of heavy hardcore and that’s definitely visible at the gigs. I’ve seen our shows get super violent to the point that some people almost don’t wanna go but it’s definitely all in fun. 

How did you guys manage to keep the band alive with the pandemic and it’s restrictions?
During the beginning of the pandemic last year we started working with a label, released a single and subsequent EP, and a music video so we definitely had some hype around us. I was also doing several interviews with podcasts and magazines to get our name out there even more. I feel like social media content definitely helped us out a lot. Now we’re trying to play as many safe shows as possible now that it’s easier to do so. 

Are you guys involved in any side projects? Such as solo projects, collabs or any other side band?
I’m in a few bands including Wise, Zulu, Madhouse and I have a few other bands that aren’t as active right now! Also I have an electronic jazz fusion solo project that’s coming soon! Our bassist from Shred Bundy Nic, has a crossover band called Split Image and overall Shred Bundy has a powerviolence-esque side band that’s just for fun and it’s coming soon as well! Our drummer Juan has some bands he’s working on too! 

Which plans do you guys have for the future? Anything exciting you can share? Have you thought about recording new stuff?
We’re working on a full length album that’s coming out soon in the near future. We just wanna play shows for the meantime now because we’ve been deprived of it for so long! We plan on dropping Live In Fear as a single because the only people who have heard it are people who bought the EU Chaos Cycle! 

Joan CZD

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